Get the most out of your generator Protect your home with remote monitoring

What is generator monitoring?

Remote Generator Monitoring is like having a generator technician available 24/7, ensuring your generator will do its job when needed!

Why should you monitor your generator?

You’ve invested in a generator to ensure your family has power during an outage. Monitoring your generator ensures that your system is performing as expected. In the event of a problem, we are able to respond quickly to get your generator back in proper operating condition. Some of the key benefits you receive from implementing this level of service are:

24/7 Improved Reliability

The definition of reliability in our business is simply: the power goes out and the emergency power system works. Every time. Monitoring the generator 24/7 tracks the current status, monitors the exercise cycles and provides instant alerts to problems.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Know with confidence the system is ready for the next power outage!

Fast, Proactive Service Response

By receiving immediate alert notifications via email, text and even voice call, our system allows us to respond more quickly to your needs and to minimize down time.


All monitored events are time stamped and we can provide daily, weekly and/or monthly automated activity reports, sent directly to you via email.

User Friendly Cloud-based Portal

Keep tabs on your equipment at anytime from anywhere! Access our portal from your desktop or smart phone to see real time data.

Decreased Cost of Ownership

Monitoring a generator actually helps decrease the overall cost of ownership. By fixing small problems before they become big ones, you save money in the long run. The most significant cost is if the generator does not work during a power outage!

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Peace of mind for your home & family

How it works

Generator remote monitoring includes two basic components, the monitoring hardware connected to your equipment and the monitoring service with cloud-based user portal.

Monitoring Equipment

We install an electronic monitoring system that connects directly to your generator to track key activities and events including run times, missed exercises, and fault events that may keep your generator from operating during an outage. Some of the key features include:

A variety of device solutions from basic event monitoring to advanced data collection.

Ultra-secure and reliable cellular connectivity that transports the data to our platform.

Lifetime warranty of the monitoring equipment!

User Interface Software

Our monitoring platform provides you and our service support team with instant access to the status of your equipment as well as alert notifications via email, text and even voice call. Some of the other key features include:

Web-based software accessible anywhere on any mobile device or desktop computer.

Real time status including mapping and historical event logging.

Standard and custom reports automatically sent via email daily, weekly and/or monthly.

Affordable generator monitoring

Your emergency power system is critical to the security and safety of your family. With advancements in technology, our generator monitoring system is very affordable and an easy decision to add this service to your maintenance plan.

Our goal is to always provide you with the highest level of service possible and to do everything that we can to improve the reliability of your emergency power system.

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